Radical New Breakthrough Technology the Porn Industry Doesn't Want You to Know About!

Introducing a Fool-Proof New Way to Protect Your Family From Pornographic Images Without Using a Filter!

Internet pornography is everywhere. At last count, there were over 80,000,000 web pages that contain explicit pornographic images available for viewing to anyone with a web browser… and they don’t care how old you are.

In fact, would you believe nine out of ten children between the ages of 8 and 16 have already been exposed to some form of pornography on the Internet? It’s true, and it usually happens “by mistake” while they’re online doing homework!

The presence of adult content on the Internet has become so pervasive that even keyword searches for seemingly innocent terms like “mom”… “angel”… and “doggy” will now return lists of web pages containing explicit, adult, pornographic images and video clips that should never be seen by innocent, youthful eyes.

It’s outrageous, and as a parent of young, impressionable minds, I know you’re as outraged and fed up as much as I am. But no more…

SeeNoEvil is THE Solution for Protecting Your Family From The Life-Changing Dangers of Internet Pornography

Our Patent-Pending Image-Blocking Technology Is Guaranteed to Block The Smut That’s Trying to Break Into Your Kid’s Computer!

SeeNoEvil is the ONLY porn blocker that comes standard with all these features built-in:

  1. Patent Pending image blocking technology
  2. Comprehensive parental controls
  3. Keystroke Logging
  4. Timed screenshot captures
  5. Time & program restriction options
  6. Custom allow & disallow site lists for each member of your family
  7. Multiple security levels to protect your entire family
  8. Risk-free, no-hassle, 30-day money back guarantee
  9. FREE software updates
  10. FREE* customer support
View examples of all of the features above and more on our screenshots page!

Nothing Compares to SeeNoEvil For Keeping Innocent Eyes “Innocent.” Nothing!

Most of the filters that are available today are based on technology that is over a decade old, and even the “best” ones brag about being only 96% effective.

“96% Effective?” What we want to know is; what about the other 4%? One pornographic image that gets through to your child is one too many. One disgusting photograph is all it takes to make a lifelong impression and tarnish an innocent mind forever.

SeeNoEvil is the ONLY porn-blocker to use a revolutionary, patent pending Image-Blocking Technology.  Our comprehensive parental controls and customizable “allow/disallow” site lists put YOU in control of the content you allow into your home.

And a full menu of built-in standard features puts SeeNoEvil  head and shoulders above every other porn filter currently available.

Take Control. Protect Your Family From the Dangers of Internet Porn, and Stop Worrying About What Your Kids Are Doing Online Once and For All!

Don’t waste your money on an out-dated Internet filter that lets explicit adult images slip right through. SeeNoEvil is the only porn blocker that is GUARANTEED to protect your family from adult images and content.

If You Care About Protecting Your Children From The Dangers of Internet Pornography, You’ll Want to Get SeeNoEvil Right Now!

Download SeeNoEvil right now. It’s fast and easy, and we’ll walk you through every step.

In less than 15 minutes, your home computer will be sealed air-tight from intrusion of Internet pornography.

Your kids will be safe. You’ll have peace of mind.


Richard B. Maring - Founder

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